Cruises Improve Mental Health

Cruise ShipIf there is something that brings excitement, is to know that you will be going out with family members. It can be either during holidays or during a summer vacation. It gets more exciting when it is going to be a cruise trip. Cruise trips makes the holidays awesome.

It was 2015 December holiday when we were seated at the dining table and dad asked us where we would like to go for the holiday. Everybody was giving their suggestions and I remember my little sister Lucy suggesting a train ride to Mombasa and Mom said we can go to Stewart beach. I did not agree with this as we had done the same thing over and over again and it was time now to do something new.

It was my turn now to suggest where we should go for the holiday. Everyone was looking at me to hear my suggestion. I had no better idea at the moment than that which had already been suggested. As I was opening my mouth to speak, I received phone call. It was my friend Peter. I excused myself and I went to take the call. As we were conversing I asked him where they were going to spend their holiday. He told me they were having a cruise trip to Mombasa. A Cruise trip? What a brilliant idea? I said to myself. Immediately he hung up, I rushed back to the dinner table with an idea.

Back on my seat, everybody was waiting to hear what I wanted to do for the holiday. I quickly said we should do something different than the previous years. My dad asked what I was hinting at. I told him what if we took a cruise trip to Mombasa. Everyone said, “what a brilliant idea.” I even told them that our family friends the Peter family is doing the same. When dad heard that, he called Peter’s father and he confirmed it.

It’s Time To Party

Peter and I were good friends and on the same cruise ship we were going to be wild. There was only one problem we were facing, how we could board the ship with alcohol.  We couldn’t figure out how to sneak alcohol on a cruise, but then Peter said he had an idea.

Peter had a guitar that was made of light wood. He said that the guitars were used to sneak things, especially into the airports. We only need to hid a few bottles of liquor for the trip. The bottles were to be carefully mounted on the guitar and this was the plan.

This was kept secret and only the two of us new it. The liquor bottles were placed on the guitar discreetly.  The guitar was put into a bag and Peter carried it on his back together with his luggage. Dad quickly smiled and told Peter that he had carried the guitar as it would entertain us on the vacation. Peter and I looked at each other and we just smiled.

The Search

The two families got on the bus we stopped at the at the gate of the seaport. The ship security started searching the bags using their detectors. Everyone’s bag was opened and searched. Every bad except Peter’s was checked. How could he let us get in without searching the guitar bag? I think he just didn’t see it.

We were the happiest boys alive that day.  Each of us took one bottle of  liquor and we enjoyed it.  Honestly, we enjoyed every moment of the vacation! I wish I could remember exactly what went on.